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Christmas is an opportunity to teach children the value of loving and giving. By nature, we are self-absorb and narcissistic. Empathy and giving have to be taught. Here're a few tips for teaching children to give.

  • Teach Biblical reasons for giving
    • It is God's command that we should care for the poor and needy. (Prov. 28:27; Matt 19:21; James 1:27)
    • Giving is be done joyfully, generously and secretly. (II Cor 9:6-7; Lk 6:38; Mt 6:1-2)
    • Store treasures in Heaven. Materials on earth only have temporal value. (Mt 6:19-21)
  • Model giving
    • Children are watching how we treat others & will learn from our positive actions.
  • Create opportunities to give as a class or a family
    • Giving does not need to be monetary. Bake cookies, help with household chores, buying groceries, donating gently-used items can all be opportunites to practice giving. Operation Christmas Child, Angel Trees offer wonderful opportunities to help other children.
    • Follow-up each giving opportunity with a sharing of how they feel and how the recipients were blessed by these actions.

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Using Anger God's Way

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