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  • Learn how to lead a small group Bible Study.
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  • Rules must be few and really important. Rule is a power play. Studies show that increased rules and commands increase opposition.
  • Be Firm & Specific in tone, manner, and wording.
    • Be certain you’re right so that you don’t feel guilty and lack confidence when you enforce the rules. Look straight into his eyes to show respect. Hold or touch their hands or shoulder to help focus.
    • Be firm in your wording. Speak in a strong tone without being hostile or nasty. Study of “Difficult-to-control” children shows that they ignore commands because orders were given in a weak tone of voice.
    • Wording should be specific, not vague.
  • Redirect to positive behavior whenever possible. Frequently when God tells us not to do certain things, He’ll tell us to focus on something positive. Therefore, when we tell children “no”, redirect their attention and focus to something more positive.
  • Be realistic and enforceable: Don’t expect kids to sit in a small room for a whole hour. A general rule of thumb for attention span is 1 min. per year of age. Varying your activities and space will extend attention span. Be consistent in enforcing the rules.
  • Set up behavioral contracts: Allow children a voice into what’s important as rules for the class. Whenever possible, explain why the rules are important. Not: “Do it because I say so. I’m the teacher.” Give advance notice before enforcement.

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Using Anger God's Way

by Isabel Ng


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